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Design Dictionary – File Types

Design Dictionary: File Types – the next instalment.

Sometimes your designer will ask you for an EPS of your logo or a vector or high resolution jpeg… This can be confusing, especially if you don’t know what they mean. Next time they do ask you, use this handy little infographic!

Sending Out The Wrong Message? Need To Rebrand?

This week I’ve been working with a Virtual Assistant to rebrand her business.

Her current business name means she’s getting phone calls from people asking if she sells stationary suppliers, photocopiers etc. This exactly what you want, plus it goes to show that her current branding is giving out completely the wrong message.

After an in-depth conversation we’ve decided to rebrand her, using her name and a simple strapline – ‘freelance secretary’. This means the new branding that we put in place will be selling her skills, her services and her as a person.

Design Dictionary – Colour

Colour – there’s so many different types of colour out there, it can get a little confusing.

Every business owner has their own terminology, just like designers too. I know it can be baffling if a designer asks for a pantone reference, or the cmyk values of the colours in your logo. Confused already?!

Graphic Design Services – What Can They Do For You?

Graphic design, in a nutshell is visual communication, solving problems through the use of space, images and type. Designs are made to communicate ideas and message to target audiences. Graphic design is evident in everything you see on a day to day basis – identities (branding and logos), publications (newspapers, newsletters, magazines, annual reports and books), print advertisements, posters, signage and product packaging.

Look round you when you’re next in the supermarket and pick up an item and look at it. The type, colours used, images and shapes have all been designed and composed to make that product appeal to customers, such as yourself.

Outside Your Comfort Zone

Last year I signed up to do the North Tyneside 10K. I was supposed to do it with my sister and Dad, however I was attending a bootcamp at the time and injured my shoulder so much that I wasn’t able to take part. I went along anyway to support my sister and Dad, see them cross the finish line! I felt so proud of them both.

This year, the North Tyneside 10K is happening again… And I’ve signed up to it! The last time I went for a run, I struggled, I felt really unfit and pretty much out of breath with no energy to move myself forward.

18 weeks before Christmas I was strength training. I managed to drop my body fat by 7%, which I was over the moon with. However, strength training means using your muscles and growing your strength. I started out on an 8kg kettlebell and ended the programme training with a 16kg kettlebell. The feeling of being strong and healthy is amazing, there is no better feeling! However, carrying a lot of muscle means it’s harder to run.