Design Dictionary – File Types

Design Dictionary: File Types – the next instalment.

Sometimes your designer will ask you for an EPS of your logo or a vector or high resolution jpeg… This can be confusing, especially if you don’t know what they mean. Next time they do ask you, use this handy little infographic!

Sending Out The Wrong Message? Need To Rebrand?

This week I’ve been working with a Virtual Assistant to rebrand her business.

Her current business name means she’s getting phone calls from people asking if she sells stationary suppliers, photocopiers etc. This exactly what you want, plus it goes to show that her current branding is giving out completely the wrong message.

After an in-depth conversation we’ve decided to rebrand her, using her name and a simple strapline – ‘freelance secretary’. This means the new branding that we put in place will be selling her skills, her services and her as a person.

Design Dictionary – Colour

Colour – there’s so many different types of colour out there, it can get a little confusing.

Every business owner has their own terminology, just like designers too. I know it can be baffling if a designer asks for a pantone reference, or the cmyk values of the colours in your logo. Confused already?!