Sending Out The Wrong Message? Need To Rebrand?

This week I’ve been working with a Virtual Assistant to rebrand her business.

Her current business name means she’s getting phone calls from people asking if she sells stationary suppliers, photocopiers etc. This exactly what you want, plus it goes to show that her current branding is giving out completely the wrong message.

After an in-depth conversation we’ve decided to rebrand her, using her name and a simple strapline – ‘freelance secretary’. This means the new branding that we put in place will be selling her skills, her services and her as a person.

My Branding Explained

I help clients with their branding - getting it to look right, feel right and give off the right message too. So, it got me thinking about my own branding and I thought I would explain to you the meaning behind my own logo. When I was 20, in my second year...

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Case Study – The VA Doctor

Last week I launched my new case study feature over on my facebook page. If you’re on facebook, please give my page a like. I’d really appreciate it. Last week I worked closely with Angela from The VA Doctor on designing some nice little graphics to support her brand, corporate image and...

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