How to get your brand message out there more

If you’re struggling in how to get your brand message out there more, then look no further.   Below is an infographic I’ve created showing a few of the different ways you can get your brand message out there more and in front of your target audience:   There a lot of ways in which...

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Why use a Graphic Designer?

Image of why use a Graphic Designer

Why use a Graphic Designer? Being a business owner can be tough.

Especially when it’s just you and you want to try and keep your overheads down. Even when your business grows, this can still be at the forefront of your mind. There will be a time when you may have to consider outsourcing some tasks to save you time. This means you’ll be able to concentrate on your business and grow it in the right direction.




Brand Consistency – Is your brand consistent?

Brand consistency is a key factor when it comes to showing your brand to the outside world.

If there’s no consistency in your branding, you’re giving out the wrong impression. Your brand and business needs to be professional. Brand consistency means using the same colours and fonts each time. Every piece of branding online and offline should have a uniform look.

My Branding Explained

I help clients with their branding - getting it to look right, feel right and give off the right message too. So, it got me thinking about my own branding and I thought I would explain to you the meaning behind my own logo. When I was 20, in my second year...

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