Outside Your Comfort Zone

Last year I signed up to do the North Tyneside 10K. I was supposed to do it with my sister and Dad, however I was attending a bootcamp at the time and injured my shoulder so much that I wasn’t able to take part. I went along anyway to support my sister and Dad, see them cross the finish line! I felt so proud of them both.

This year, the North Tyneside 10K is happening again… And I’ve signed up to it! The last time I went for a run, I struggled, I felt really unfit and pretty much out of breath with no energy to move myself forward.

18 weeks before Christmas I was strength training. I managed to drop my body fat by 7%, which I was over the moon with. However, strength training means using your muscles and growing your strength. I started out on an 8kg kettlebell and ended the programme training with a 16kg kettlebell. The feeling of being strong and healthy is amazing, there is no better feeling! However, carrying a lot of muscle means it’s harder to run.