Design Process

I like to work in a methodical way when it comes to any branding package.
First Step

Research & Analyse

Once I gather all the information I need from you, depending on which branding package you’ve chosen to go for, I like to research and analyse what your competitors within the same industry are doing. This ensures I can find a gap in the market and make you stand out from the crowd. You will receive a PDF containing your competitor analysis report along with a detailed analysis via email with ideas and steps going forward (available within the Premium Branding Package)

Second Step

Concept & Sketch

This is a crucial step… Once I gather the background information I need from you, I will go away and sketch out some ideas and begin to bring your brand to life using good old pencil and paper. Designing a logo requires you to generate ideas that present the business in such a way that the target audience will understand it instantly. For every logo design project I’m asked to work on, I like to send out a set of questions so I can get to know you and your business more, from what you like and don’t like to the services you are offering and your long term goals.

Third Step

Design & Brand

This next stage is all about bringing the strongest ideas I’ve sketched to life on the iMac. This is a really exciting stage because it enables me to play around with fonts, colours and layouts resulting in the very best designs which I will send to you for feedback. This is where your logo and brand really comes to life.

Fourth Step

Develop & Launch

With revisions available on design projects, I will work with you develop the designs so they are right for you. You have to have a brand that you’re proud of and that’s what we need to achieve together! Then it’s time to launch your shiny new branding and shout from the rooftops about it! Most clients when we get to this stage will say how happy, excited and proud they are of their new brand and how they’ve been showing it off to everyone. That’s the ultimate goal!