Design Services: What I Do & How I Do It

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Creative thinking & design

Offering graphic design services in Newcastle upon Tyne, each project is different. Designing a logo requires you to generate ideas that present the business in such a way that the target audience will understand it instantly. For every logo design project I’m asked to work on, I like to send out a set of questions so I can get to know you and your business more, from what you like and don’t like to the services you are offering and your long term goals.


Digital branding & strategy

One of the areas I specialise in is social media design. This includes branded social media graphics suitable for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as Facebook and Twitter banner designs. Social Media is being an extremely popular medium to use to shout out about your business more, so therefore it looks to look good and resonate with your target audience. Branded graphics as well as a strategy behind them can really boost your business in the right direction.


Research & Competitor Analysis

Once I gather all the information I need from you, depending on which branding packaging you’ve chosen to go for too, I will then research and analyse your competitors to ensure there is a gap in the market for you and I will look to see how I can make you stand out. You will receive a PDF containing your competitor analysis report along with a detailed analysis via email with ideas and steps going forward.


Thinking outside the box

When it comes to graphic design projects that I’ve been asked to work on, it’s always an exciting opportunity to create something unique for you and your business. This is where the cliche ‘thinking outside the box’ skills are required to swoop in and make things happen. When I studied Graphic Design 10 years ago, we were trained to think a certain way – the generate ideas that not only were original, but which would also resonate with your target audience too.