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Erin Spurling


I’ve just got to show you this new logo I’ve designed for Erin Spurling, a content marketing coach and consultant! Erin is so lovely and I just knew from the beginning I was really going to enjoy working with her, especially considering we already knew each other from being a part of  Kirsty Carden’s Mastermind. 

Erin came to me after having designed her own logo previously knowing it wasn’t quite right for her overall brand. So, after a couple of calls and the beginning stages of the premium branding package I offer, I got started on creating Erin’s new logo and here it is in all its glory!

I always offer a choice of 3 initial logo design ideas, but the funny thing is this was the first concept I brought to life on my iMac for Erin and I knew straightaway this was THE logo for her!

One of the things that kept coming up was how passionate Erin felt about helping creative business owners validate their content marketing ideas and this sparked off the idea behind Erin’s new logo design. The lightbulb with the pen inside represents ideas coming to fruition in the form of content marketing. I also connected the lightbulb to Erin’s name to show the fact that Erin can help you do exactly this within your business

I can’t wait to see Erin flourish even more now, armed with all her new visual brand elements.


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