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Fierce Angel Records and Events

Fierce Angel is the Record Label & Club brand from Mark Doyle, the creator of the world famous Hed Kandi. Expect a night of decadent glamour with a soundtrack of finest and fiercest house music from Fierce Angel every time. 

Just like all the other businesses that I work with, Fierce Angel is exactly the same, in that they’re ultimate goal is to achieve a consistent look with their brand. This is where I come in… Using the same fonts, colours and layouts adds to the consistency of the brand through all the design work I undertake. This includes album and single layout designs, leaflet and poster designs, social media banner designs and more.

“Hollie will kill me for saying this… but she has become an essential addition to the Fierce Angel team. We are known for our design. packaging and overall presentation and Hollie comes up with the goods every time. I usually throw half finished ideas and random explanations at her with little or no notice and she delivers every single time .If you need your design issues sorted from scratch or just need someone to continue presenting your brand as you’ve envisaged it (and sometimes actually improve it) Hollie should be your first call. She delivers on budget, on deadline and puts up with me who has the most uneducated opinions about design. Give Her A Call I Cannot Recommend Her Highly Enough.” – Mark Doyle, (Creator of HedKandi, Stereo Sushi, Acid Lounge, JazzFM Records & Now Fierce Angel)