Glitter Sparkles And Love


I worked with Cherie from Glitter Sparkles And Love to help develop a classy and girly logo and brand for her new business. 

Glitter Sparkles and Love is a lovely new business owned by Cherie and she makes wonderful glitter frames for all occasions; engagements, weddings, christenings and much more. Cherie was recently recommended to me asking for a logo and brand to be created for her business. The brief I got was she would love glitter in there, loved pink and gold, princess-y things, wands and magic. So after sending Cherie the discovery questionnaire and finding out about her business some more, I set about developing a new brand for her and here is the final product, together with a business card that’s designed with the purpose of being a thank you card so it can go in with all Cherie’s orders along with a Facebook Page Cover Photo design too.

I absolutely loved working on this brand, especially making use of pretty gold glitter.