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Laura Cadman


Having met Laura at a Mastermind Day in December 2018 and afterwards connecting on social media, Laura then got in touch with me in April 2019 asking if I could help her brand her start up business as an executive and leadership coach. I of course jumped at the chance. 

After initially speaking to Laura it was really clear who her ideal client was and what sort of brands they loved themselves. From this I got a clear vision of the brand I needed to create for Laura, using rich, deep colours.

Using her own personal experience being a former CEO, Laura has created a business to help other young professionals realise their potential and address the mindset blocks they have when in comes to decision making and ultimately progressing within their careers. Laura is so down to earth, friendly, honest and approachable so it was important these qualities were brought through Laura’s brand design.

We went for a lovely rich colour palette and a simple, clean and professional looking logo that reflects growth within a person and their comfort zone. Laura opted for the ‘Elevate-a-Brand’ Package so she ended up with lots of additional design collateral including branded social media graphics, branded social banners, business cards and an additional pop up banner design too.


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