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Thoughts of You Flowers

In May 2017, an email arrived from Amy asking if I would work with her to rebrand her business – Thoughts of You Flowers. Amy had just agreed to move to new premises and in light of that, decided it was time to change the overall look and feel of her wedding floristry business. “I wanted to rebrand Thoughts of You Flowers to reflect our values, our tastes, morals, and the work we create as well as reflecting our ideal clients tastes. Our previous logo no longer reflected our work, values, tastes or our clients or ideal clients tastes. In fact looking back I don’t think it ever really did!”

After meeting up with Amy, it was clear she wanted to completely update the look of her business to match their new premises and their services as an award winning Wedding Florist. I was so excited to get started on the designs for everything for Amy so when the news came that their premises move was happening sooner than they thought, it was time for me to get my ideas out onto paper and really get going with the logo design to begin with.

“Within a few days of meeting up, Hollie had started on some rough designs… A few weeks later I emailed Hollie with the news that our premises move had moved forward by six months meaning all the design work needed to be done in a short timescale. Luckily, Hollie was able to oblige and just as excited about the whole thing as I was!”

This has been one of those design projects where I have absolutely 100% fallen in love with the designs I produced. Once the logo design was finalised I started working on the additional designs Amy needed including, business card design, letterhead and order form design, leaflet design, vehicle graphic designs, fascia signage designs and lots more.

“When I first contacted Hollie I gave her a list of words that I wanted to be associated with our brand:
Friendly • Weddingy • Beautiful • Relaxed • Organic • Professional • Natural • Whimsical • Unique • Pretty • Coastal

I think by looking at all of the designs Hollie has created she has ticked every word off that list! The designs are far better than I ever thought they would be. I can’t put into words how happy I am with Hollie’s work, the amazing value for money, the outstanding service I have received and the total amount of trust I have always had in Hollie, she really did just ‘get me’. All of this has really helped Hollie build our brand and really bring our brand to life.

I couldn’t recommend Hollie highly enough but I won’t be using her services again in a hurry as I totally and utterly adore the logo and branding designs she has created for me so unless I can think of anything else I need or want to be designed I will not be needing any future design work done. I will be one of Hollie’s many many happy customers and will forever be a brand ambassador for her. She is already aware of this, so I think she might just have her tissues at the ready!!” – Amy Crammond, Thoughts of You Flowers