5 exciting ways to spice up your branding

5 exciting ways to spice up your branding

Do you need to spice up your branding? Branding is a key factor for any business.

It needs personality and a voice. Do you need to improve your branding? If you think you do, then here are a few ideas to help. They won’t cost you anything, but may need some of your time to put them into place.


Here are 5 exciting ways to spice up your branding.

1. Add a splash of colour
Using the same set of colours all the time in your branding? Why not spice things up a little and add a splash of colour. Choose an accent colour that will compliment your current branding.

2. Use eye-catching imagery
Catch your audiences eye with some nice imagery. Make sure it is consistent with the rest of your branding and brand voice. There’s some great free image sites out there that you can use.

3. Use a complimentary font
Like adding a splash of colour, if you’ve been using the same fonts for a while now, why not add a complimentary font. Sum up your business personality on one word, for example, funky. Use a free resource such as Dafont to find a funky font and start to use it a bit more in your branding.

4. Add a bit of humour
We can’t be serious all the time and everyone has a sense of humour, so add it into your branding a little. Your audience will more than likely share it if it appeals to them.

5. Show some personality
Keeping everything business-like can seem boring at times. Show some personality within your branding. This could be on your social media channels, showing ‘behind the scene’ images, or pet photos. Everyone loves a good cute cat or dog photo! Let your personality shine through what you do on a daily basis.

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