A logo and a brand – what’s the difference?

What's the difference between a logo and a brand?

What’s the difference between a logo and a brand?

Well, there’s quite a considerable difference between the two. Most people think they are the same thing, but actually they’re not. A lot of people enquire about just a logo too, when what they really need is a brand.




A logo is…

  • Your business name, symbol and strapline designed into a visual element.
  • An emblem/mascot of your business.
  • Specified colours.


A brand is…

  • Your business.
  • Your business’s values, vision, objectives and voice.
  • The emotional and physical relationship your customers can relate to.
  • The experience you give your customers, in meetings, the work you do for them and the service provided.
  • A memory that connects customers to you.


So now we know what the difference is between a logo and a brand – what’s their connection?


A logo projects the relationship a brand has with its customers.  A brand takes you back to its logo every time. Every piece of marketing material online and offline, every piece of branded material, every experience that a customer has had with your business takes them back to the business logo.

Every brand is out there to make a mark on its target audience. They only way that will happen is if they share the same values and can relate to one another. This can’t be done with a logo on its own. A logo is connected to something much bigger  – the relationship it has with its customers, which the brand.


  • I liked reading your post. It made it very clear about the distinction and i was impressed with the clarity and also how the brand and the logo interact with each other. Thanks for this. Very very helpful .

    22nd April 2016 at 8:16 pm

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