Branding Exercise

Last week I met up with one of my clients who wanted to discuss the prospect of expanding their product range. They make amazing handmade pinny’s ( and have used their current branding perfectly. They’re using the right voice for their brand and really take into account the Brand Experience.

In our meeting we discussed a Brand Extension. Since the pinny’s are so unique and niche, I advised Maddie to set up an extension of her Pinny Princess brand so as to not saturate the pinny’s.

So, a second facebook page has been set up so links and posts can be shared back and forth between the two pages. Yes, this might seem like more work for Maddie, however in the long term it’ll be worth it.

The new range is called Patches: Patchwork items, such as snuggles, creatures, cushions and more handmade items, made from baby clothing to have as keepsakes for when the children get older. Such a great idea!

So, over the last two days I’ve been sketching and researching ideas of what I could do to boost the new brand with a strong identity. I knew, to keep the unity there, it would have to be ‘Patches by Pinny Princess’. I came up with all sorts of ideas, including, patchwork, stitching… but it all looked too rigid and formal.

I then came up with the idea that all the products are going to be lovingly made, and with patches of fabric so I created a heart patch, with stitching and using the same typeface as the Pinny Princess branding to ensure consistency came up with two ideas, which I then visualised with a photo to show how they could look when used in a facebook page post.

I sent the ideas off to Maddie late last night and she came back with amazing feedback:

“I love the white heart!!! It’s fab!!!!
Really fab work – I think it’s going to be perfect!”

Here are the initial ideas I sent to Maddie last night and then the final logo that’s been chosen!

The FINAL logo:


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