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On an hourly basis, maybe even every few minutes we come across brands and their products. Each brand has a mission, a set of values and a strong sense of reflecting those values within everything they produce. We all have brands we love and everyone has their own specific choice of go-to brands too.


I thought I would share with you the top 7 brands I love and why!


Joules - brands I loveJoules

Joules has to be one of those brands that just inspires me all the time.Tom Joule started selling outdoor clothing 25 years ago and soon became to realise that his customers wanted more than just drab colours, but something bright and colourful.


Their clothing really is bright and colourful with cute floral and animal patterns, but the floral pattern has become a real association to the brand. All the Joules products are stylish, well thought out and classically simple at the same time. They don’t overdo their branding in terms of the way they present their designs and I think to them it’s all about the product – how it looks, how it feels and the quality of it too.


Every single small detail is considered. My boyfriend treated me to a pair of Joules wellies for Christmas and of course since I am a dog lover, I went for the ones with the dog pattern on. I was massively wowed just by the packaging for the wellies let alone the wellies themselves.


You can tell one of the values for Joules is family. A lot of their social media marketing involves lifestyle shots of families in their Joules attire looking happy, comfortable and free.


They openly state on their website, “The brand is at the heart of the business and encompasses values of time-off, heritage, countryside, Britishness, family and fun, which resonate strongly with our large, growing and loyal customer base”.


They also say that their brand values are reflected in every product they design, develop and produce which is really important to me, but which is also clearly evident in all their products.




The Elemis brand exudes luxury, but still affordability with high quality scientifically proven and natural ingredients that heighten all the senses whilst using their carefully crafted products.


The packaging of their products is always simple, classic, stylish but also beautiful at the same time, especially when it comes to their gift collections.


“Your skin, your body and your wellness lie at the heart of ELEMIS.” – I love this and when you look at the ELEMIS brand this comes across in an instant.


We start with an IDEA, we create a VISION, we believe in our vision and we make it happen. We love to learn, to travel, to create, to share our knowledge and move FORWARD, never standing still.”


I personally use ELEMIS skincare products and they are beautiful. Your skin is forever feeling light, healthy and well looked after when using their products. Their brand ethos comes across everything they publish offline and online and really care about what their customers think and need too.


Cath Kidston - brands I loveCath Kidston

I love the Cath Kidston brand. It brings a whole new ‘niche’ look to the fashion industry with bold prints across everything from mugs and cutlery to bags and clothing. This is a real lifestyle brand using bright, beautiful colours. All their products are versatile, long wearing and of high quality too. They predominantly target women to buy not only for themselves but for their children too.


Cath Kidston started her business in 1993 selling car boot finds and vintage fabrics from a small shop in London. She then decided to start designing her own prints, still with a vintage look to them but with a much more modern twist. She soon because known for her floral, polka dot and strawberry prints hitting the market by storm.


Their mission, clearly stated on their website is: “As the home of modern vintage, we still have the same mission as when we began: to make cheerful, practical products that bring a smile to your face and brighten your day!”


Innocent Drinks

The innocent brand is bold, fun, quirky, revitalising and energetic. I love their bold colours and their social media updates where they include their quirky humour too. Their packaging is bold, just like the flavours of their drinks.


Innocent Drinks first started out in 1999 being sold at a music festival and they left their future in the hands of their audience and product. They had a sign saying ‘should we give up our jobs’ with a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ bin. By the end of the week the ‘yes’ bin was full, so they quit their jobs and have been producing healthy drinks along with kid’s products and coconut water ever since. 


I think the fact they left their future in the hands of their potential customers says a lot about them and their quirkiness along with their approach to do things and it’s so nice to see they use the same approach with everything they produce and how they brand everything too.




I absolutely love the FatFace brand – everything about it is true to their values and what they stand for.


FatFace was founded in 1988 by two guys who were running out of money so they decided to “sell T-shirts and sweatshirts from their campervan to fund their skiing on La Face, Val d’Isere” – which is where the name has come from.


Their brand values include trusted quality, considered style resulting in great value.


Their mission is simple – “absolutely everything we do is designed to be loved by all our customers for life outside the 9 to 5”. They want to inspire everyone, including their employees to embrace life, new experiences and adventures. They also want their customers to know they care about them and their needs and have a real passion for creating products that will inspire them too along with being high quality and long lasting.



Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a beautiful and stylish brand that is at the top of it’s marketplace with carefully blended fragrances to evoke timeless elegance. Founded in 1994, Jo Malone started her quintessentially British bran

d by creating and blending her own fragrance range. It’s a well known, sophisticated and luxurious brand.

With bespoke blends that can be worn alone or layered, Jo Malone has explored different complimentary combinations of flavours creating real signature products. Luxury and timeless elegance most definitely exudes from the Jo Malone brand in an must have an appealing way. If you are wanting your brand to be luxurious and sought after, Jo Malone is definitely a company to follow and admire. 



Kikki K

Every single Kikki K product is beautiful, inspiring and well thought out. This Swedish stationery brand founded by Kristina Karlsson over 10 years ago is just amazing. Kristina came to London on a mission to start her own business and wasn’t sure what she wanted. She wrote out a list of how what ideal career would look like and had so may ideas running through her head as to what she wanted. In order to follow her dreams, Kristina wanted to kit out her office with amazing and inspiring products. After looking around lots of different shops in London, she soon realised nothing was suitable and that’s when the idea popped into her head – to create her own range of products.


I love how ideas and inspiration can hit you at the most random of times, and that’s exactly what happened to Kristina.


Kikki K - brands I love

Their mission is simple – “Through beautiful Swedish design, we inspire and empower people the world over to live their best life every day. DREAM . DO . ENJOY . SHARE” I just love this mission statement and find it so powerful and motivating at the same time.


Every product of theirs has been so well thought out with every minute detail considered. I have to say I am a huge fan of the Kikki K brand and do have a few pieces of stationery at home. I just can’t help myself. It’s beautiful, inspiring and great quality too. They have just brought out a new range for school children – if only I was 10 years old again I’d be begging my parents to let me have some!!


I also really like the fact that Kristina ensures her connection to her home, Sweden is forever the driving inspiration behind all the products Kikki K produces. “My native Sweden continues to inspire our collections – the colours of the seasons; the textures of the landscape; and the simplicity and clean lines that have defined Swedish design for decades.” 


So there you go. 7 brands I love and absolutely adore on a daily basis.


Which brands do you love and why? I’d love to know. 

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