Decorating the Christmas Tree

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to decorating the Christmas tree, I like to do things a certain way!


Firstly, the colour scheme. Are you going for the traditional red and green? Or maybe something a little more wintery with blue, silver and white? Me, I like colour, funnily enough just like the colours I use in my logo!

Secondly, routine. I like to lay the baubles out on the sofa and get the lights ready. Then I put the tree up next, fan out the branches and put it near where it’s going to stay for the whole of December! The lights go on first, then the tinsel and beads, the baubles and then finally the angel/star!


Finally, layout. The actual decorating of the tree is where I like to be precise. I like symmetry, so if I have one type of bauble on one side of the tree, I like to have the same bauble parallel on the other side. One-off baubles, which I love as they’re just so unique go in the middle. This may sound like absolute madness, but I know there’ll be some out there who completely understand where I’m coming from.


Decorating the Christmas tree is exactly the same as branding your business. The colours used, the way things are done and finally the layout of them too.


Image of Decorating the Christmas tree

It’s a specific routine, which you like to go through each year. It’s well practised too, so why not apply the same to business branding? Once the colours are in place, the plan of how to execute it is there and then the layout of it – that’s your branding right there.


  • Your colour scheme – this could be your main brand colours together with some accent colours.
  • The routine – this is your plan of execution, setting goals and working towards achieving those goals.
  • The layout – how, what, when and why make up your layout!

If you need help with any of these areas in branding your business, please get in touch! 



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