Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or all?

Or none of them at all? Which social media platform, if any, are you using the most to market your business and services?

Do you use Facebook as the main social media platform to advertise your business?

Have you considered paying to advertise via your Facebook page’s newsfeed?
If you have, here is some useful information.

One night last week I was working on an advert design, with the Facebook ad rules in mind, only allowing 20% of it to be text. If you are considering paying for advertising, but struggling to get your ad right – get in touch! It can be designed so it’s in-keeping with your corporate image.
Just email me at: hollie@hollie-ellis.co.uk.

What about other social media platforms? 
Well, there’s Twitter and LinkedIn… but there’s also PinterestInstagramGoogle+ and YouTube. Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine?

You can create your own YouTube Channel, which gives you the opportunity to put your own videos on and market them the right way across the web from there. YouTube Channels have channel art, which means you can brand your channel with your corporate image.

Google+ is the same as it offers space for a profile picture and header photo… Have you thought about getting them professionally designed?

Twitter is the same, you have an ID picture, a cover picture and also a whole page background to play with, to show off your brand and your services. But, are you taking full advantage of them?

Every marketing platform, everything you do and everything you say is a reflection of your brand. This is your brand experience, which means every person that comes into contact with your business is experiencing your brand. You have 7 seconds to make an impression! YES! That’s right, 7 seconds, so it better be the right impression… right?

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