How to get your brand message out there more

If you’re struggling in how to get your brand message out there more, then look no further.


Below is an infographic I’ve created showing a few of the different ways you can get your brand message out there more and in front of your target audience:

INFOGRAPHIC - how to get your brand message out there more


There a lot of ways in which you can get your brand message out there more, including:


Exhibiting at Events
If there are any regular events near you that get a good footfall and you consider all the costs in attending, then why not think about exhibiting at these events? It will not only create more brand awareness, but you’ll also be right in front of your target market (if researched correctly) so you’d be in the perfect position to generate some more sales for your business. You can use all sorts to entice people to talk at an event too! Run a competition for them to win one of your products/services. You could give them an information leaflet to incentivise them to contact you…


Social Media – Run a Competition
Be careful of Facebook rules for this, however running a competition on Facebook is a great way of increasing engagement and reach on your social accounts.


Ask for Client Referrals
The worse they can do is say no. If you know you’ve provided them a really good service/product and they are over the moon with what you’ve done for them, then there is no harm in asking your clients if they have any friends, family or business colleagues who they think would benefit from talking to you.


Go Networking
Search your local area for some small, but perfectly formed networking events, especially if you haven’t been to any before. You’ll feel less nervous about the whole thing. This will help you get out of the house, get out of your comfort zone and it will expose your business to other like-minded business owners.


Send out Email Newsletters
This is another great way of getting your business out in front of your target audience. You can incentivise them to join your mailing list in the first place. This could be with either a lead magnet or with a % discount code. Then once you’ve got them on your list, make sure you send out regular and useful email newsletters to them.


Become a Guest Blogger
Everyone is an expert in what they do in their own way. So why not get your name out there a bit more by guest blogging for others. This means people will want to support you, connect with you and connect with your business. Make sure you guest blog for other businesses than can relate to yours too, so there’s some business connection there.


Work with Local Bloggers
Local bloggers are what we call ‘influencers’. They will have a lot of people following them and collaboration is key! Team up with a local blogger and ask them to review your products/services. Make sure when searching for a local blogger, that their target market is the same as yours and you can relate to one another too. There’s all sorts of bloggers out there – family themed bloggers, beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers etc.


Create an Online Shop
A lot of crafters, makers and artists sometimes don’t think about setting up an online shop. if you have the right strategy and brand message in place to draw people to your online shop you’ll be bound to get more online orders. Etsy is a great place to start for this, or if you’re wanting something more on brand, then look at getting a fully branded eCommerce website made specifically for you. This can be done with a web developer (I highly recommend for this) and can be done with Shopify or WordPress and WooCommerce. This will also give your business an online platform or shop window if you like to showcase what you do even more.


Pay for Social Media Advertising
The best thing to do for this is first of all look and assess which social media platforms your target audience prefer to use. Those are the platforms you should be concentrating on. Creating a social media strategy and planning how to get your business out there more will help massively. Make sure when you do pay for targeted social media advertising you really are targeting the right people to get in front of.


Ensure Brand Consistency
This includes everything! Brand colours, fonts, message, voice – everything. Make sure it’s all consistent and in tune with your brand! This in turn will help your brand become more recognisable.


  • Brilliant blog post Hollie. It’s as if you’ve been looking over my shoulder at what I’m doing at the moment! It’s good to get some confirmation that I’m on the right track. Thanks x

    15th March 2017 at 7:51 pm

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