How to Improve your Online Marketing with Better Copy and Messaging

Online marketing can be tough, right? Let’s look at how we can make it work more effectively for you to attract those dream clients!


How to improve your online marketing with better copy and messaging

I absolutely love getting questions from people in my community, and one of the questions I’m asked quite frequently is this: “how can I market myself better?”


This question is always there for a lot of us, and it can make you want to start making shifts with your messaging and interactions to make sure you’re attracting the right people. Sometimes you get to a point where your brand needs to evolve so you can maintain your authenticity. You want your messaging to attract those exclusive clients and also weed out the potential ones who aren’t a good fit.


If you’re confused about this question, here’s the simple answer: it all starts with your messaging.


So in this post we’re going to go over three key points:


  • How to make sure what you offer is good enough to market effectively
  • The three things you need to do with your copy in order to improve your online marketing
  • How to match your brand with your voice


Let’s get into it!


Make sure what you’re offering is amazing

If you want to attract the best customers and the best audience, you need to be offering the best experience.


This is something that’s important to think about a lot. You can’t expect to improve your online marketing and market yourself effectively if what you’re offering isn’t the best it could be.


When you’re ready to attract your dream customer or client and start attracting them with your copy or messaging, it all starts with talking about your product or service.


And if you want to work with those clients, then what you offer needs to be really good.


Here are a few pointers to consider:


Talk about the benefits not the features
Take a look at the offerings on your website and look closely. Are you just talking about the features or are you talking about the benefits? For instance, if you’re a coach this is what it would look like:


  • Feature: One 60 minute call per week as part of the package
  • Benefit: Weekly accountability calls with someone who gets you so we can make sure you’re working towards your goals


Think about everything you do and how that can benefit your clients.


Make sure you have a clean onboarding and offboarding process
A lot of this also comes down to your client experience. Your service as a whole is key here. How do they submit an initial inquiry? Do you have a welcome packet? A goodbye process?


It’s funny, but a lot of us fail to realise that we are here to lead our clients, so it’s important we provide them with a great client experience.


Use a project management tool
From Asana to Dubsado, there are loads of tools to choose from when it comes to managing your client projects. You’ll find this gives you an elevated client experience.


Underpromise and overdeliver
It’s all about the surprises and added extras! One of my clients said she added another team member recently and was so surprised when she received a hand-lettered card saying welcome. This is just one example, but there are so many possibilities.

Be these three things

I want to you to weave three certain things in your brand messaging and copy when it comes to online marketing.


Be specific
You’ve probably heard this before but I’m going to say it again. Make sure you’re talking to one person. Just one. You should be able to package up your dream client or customer and give them a name.


Your aim is for a potential client to come to your website and say “this is exactly what I need.” Make them feel like they’re in the right spot through your copy and messaging.


Be influential
Remember what we said earlier about how we’re here to lead our clients? You get to influence and lead others through your online marketing. But there’s a key point to understand when it comes to influencing someone – you’ve got to give, give, give…and THEN ask.


You’ve got to do everything with the expectation that you’re not going to get anything back in return. But how can you use that in your online marketing?


It goes back to making sure you underpromise and underdeliver. What can you give as an added extra to your package? Maybe it’s a free template of some kind, a coupon for your online store or a workbook to help them put your tips into action. Just something that makes them think “wow” before they’re even a client.


Be finite
Something always sounds more appealing when there’s a deadline on it. And you can market yourself effectively by adding this into your messaging.


It’s simple. When there’s a limited time offer on something, we want it more.


Maybe you have a certain amount of spots available. Maybe you’re only booking clients for a certain period of time. You don’t have endless time. Put a limit on it and make your aim to fill it up and then rest.

Match your brand to your voice

As you’re probably learning, there’s a lot more to your messaging than just your voice. And honestly? Without these two other first steps, your voice doesn’t matter as much.


But it still matters.


You need to figure out what your brand tone sounds like. A great way to do this is to write down a selection of words and email your past or current clients to ask them what words from that list best describe you. Or you could just ask them, you don’t need to give them a list. And if you find a pattern, you can include those words in your messaging.


I really hope you found those steps helpful so you can start improving your online marketing with better copy and messaging.


But here’s the bottom line. You can’t please everyone. And if what you offer is amazing and you’re communicating that in a clear way, then you’ll have potential clients always knocking on your door.




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