Is there ever a right time to rebrand?

As a business owner you can have a lot going on at any one time, but if your brand isn’t doing it’s job properly, then now IS the time to rebrand.


Rebranding can be a scary thing to do especially if you’re not sure which direction you need to take with your business or you just don’t know where to begin. Branding is such a powerful tool for your business you want to be getting the most out of it as much as possible.  Branding can help you attract your dream customers, it can get your message across in a really clear and concise way, it can portray your personality and your brand voice through your captions and copywriting and also visually as well give your business and you a strong identity.


So, if you’re finding at this moment in time that you’re attracting the wrong kind of customers for your business, visually you’re not confident with the way your brand looks and feels, your message is all over the place and you feel like you have a lack of identity within your business, then I would highly recommend considering a rebrand.


It could be that you’ve been thinking about a rebrand for a while, so my question to you is: What is stopping you from actually taking action and rebranding? Could it be lack of time,  lack of money, you’re not ready for it, or you don’t really have a plan in place?


If it’s lack of time then a graphic designer can help you with this. They are going to do the majority of the work, all you need to do is give them the information they need to clearly understand what you and your business is all about so they then can fo the rest of the work for you. I ask all my branding clients to fill out an in-depth questionnaire so I can fully understand them, what they do and who they want to work with, along with branding they like and dislike so I have a clear picture moving forward as to the kind of logo design and brand I need to design for them.


If it’s lack of money, why not speak to your graphic designer about a payment plan? Or are there some simple but quick fixes that you can create within your business to generate some income that can pay for a rebrand?


If you don’t have a plan in place, then why not create one now and also speak to a graphic designer to see how they can help you with this. It is a great feeling to be able to rebrand your business and take it in a new direction, but then it would be even more amazing to create a launch around your rebrand and maybe provide some exciting new bonuses which are available within a rebrand launch strategy. You want to be attracting the right kind of customers for your business from the very beginning.


And, if it’s because you’re not ready to rebrand, will you ever be ready? I see a lot of this all the time where business owners can put off taking action within their business and then wonder why they’re struggling. If you think you’re not ready for a rebrand and you keep putting it off over and over again, are you ever going to be ready to actually do it? So my advice to you would be to take action, to take that leap! I know it can be nerve wracking, but it can also be so exciting at the same time, so I encourage you to just go for it.


I see this time and time again with all the clients that I work with when it comes to branding them and their businesses. They start off with either having an unclear vision of what they’d like or a strong vision in their heads, but they’re not quite sure how to get it down onto paper. Once I speak to them and then create a new logo or brand for them and their businesses they end up feeling so much more confident, they end up so excited that they can’t wait to tell every single person about their new brand and they say that they have a more clear direction of where they want to go with their business.


So what can you do today to take action, to take that leap of faith? Whether you’re ready or not to improve your branding, or if it is a rebrand, then please do get in touch because I would absolutely love to speak to you about creating a powerful and strong visual brand for you and your business that is in complete alignment with your dream customers, your vision, your values and everything else in between.  


I am offering a limited number of free brand assessment calls and because there’s only a limited number of calls available, if you would like to speak to me about rebranding your business then please do follow the link below and book in for a free call.  


Book in for a call here: 


Before the call I will sit down and assess your branding and come up with a few points or questions that I would like to talk to you about and then on our call together we will look at your branding in terms of your values, your dream customers and the vision for your brand. I can give you a list of recommendations as to what I think you can do to improve the look and feel of your branding moving forward with the chance to work with me to make it all happen.  


So what are you waiting for? I look forward to hearing from you.

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