Personal Branding Extraordinaires

I thought I would carry the theme on around personal branding and let you know about some personal branding extraordinaires who are great role models, especially if you’re wanting to grow and develop your own personal brand.


They’re all doing amazing things in their own individual ways and we can learn so much from them, so read on to find out more.


Jenna Kutcher
First up is Jenna Kutcher. Jenna is down to earth, personable and has a very clear message around several niche subjects. She is on a mission to help business owners grow their online presence via social media and list building, but also niches down into photography and body image too. Jenna isn’t afraid to show who she is from the inside out and takes us on her everyday journey of discovery with her. She pairs her strong and sometimes vulnerable messaging with beautiful photographs on her Instagram account along with her great sense of humour. You instantly feel as though you have a friend in Jenna by watching her Instagram stories.


Carrie Green
Carrie is the founder and creator of The Female Entrepreneur Association and as a member of Carrie’s Member’s Club, she gives everything 110% effort. I love how inspiring Carrie is and she genuinely cares about everyone she is helping. Having followed Carrie for a few years now, one of her brand values is she wants everyone to see her as their best friend and this comes across in everything Carrie does from her videos, party mixers, live workshops, webinars and more. I also LOVE the fact Carrie has a vlog, where you get to see a behind the scenes look into Carrie’s busy schedule. Even though the Female Entrepreneur Association is a very strong brand, Carrie has strengthened it even more by publishing her own book – She Means Business. If you haven’t read this yet, I highly recommend that you do! And that’s not all. Carrie launched her Planner last year which I am the proud owner of and is also about to launch Carrie & Co. products which look amazing from the Instagram stories I’ve seen.


Personal Branding Extraordinaires

Jasmine Star
Jasmine is another amazing female entrepreneur. She too has a very clear message and brand, wanting to help as many people as possible grow their businesses through social media and she gives so much valuable advice away for free, holding regular Q&A lives on Facebook along with offering amazing opportunities to have your Instagram critiqued. I love Jasmine’s brand and follow her avidly on Instagram. Jasmine, just like Jenna and Carrie is personable, down to earth and here to really help you succeed in your life and business. Even though they are running hugely successful businesses themselves, they still take the time out to help others and that is so nice to see. Jasmine is super positive, confident with a great sense of humour and this comes across in everything she does.


Mel Wells
Mel Wells is the author of The Goddess Revolution and has a very clear message. Based on her own personal experience, Mel is on a mission to help women feel good about how they look and overcome their body confidence issues, turning themselves into goddesses. With different group programmes and retreats available, Mel is determined to help as many women as possible. She carries a very strong message and shares it almost every day on Instagram and it’s great to see and hear. Mel is often found speaking at events as a panelist, sharing her message and also holds self love summits too, which sounds amazing. If you are going, you’ll have to tell me all about it. I think women of any age need to hear Mel’s positive and inspiring message. The media is beginning to change a little, but there’s still a big stipulation out there that you have to conform to society and Mel’s clear message is – no, you don’t have to. You have to do what is right for you and only you.


Nectar and Stone
Nectar and Stone is an Australian brand created and founded by Caroline and I absolutely love following the Nectar and Stone account on Instagram. Caroline shares daily gratitude via her Instagram stories and her creativity with baking is just so inspiring! She mixes baking and cake decorating with art and the results are just stunning. I have never seen such gorgeous looking cakes before, which are so creative in their own way. You wouldn’t want to eat them because they look at statuesque. Along with how they look, Caroline also experiments with different flavours and colours – the perfect combination.


If you are a personal brand and are in need of inspiration as to how to grow your brand I would highly recommend checking out all the ladies above.


They all have one thing in common – they have a very clear message and are sharing it on an almost daily basis to help others. So my question to you is, what’s your ONE message that you can share on a daily basis?

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