Project Mirifico

Project Mirifico was a new design brief, which landed on my desk a few months ago. My client, Fierce Angel Records had sent a graphic design brief to create something a little different. What I mean by different, is something to look like it’s from a certain era: the 80’s.

The brief
We have created a new fictional 80’s Italian disco group has, called Mirifico. In their imagination, they have made a soundtrack to a cheesy 80s science fiction film… that will never be released. Look at designing an album cover design, that encompasses all this. Think daft punk crossed with the never ending story / legend / tron etc. It has to be 80’s in style.


The solution
After researching Daft Punk, Tron and everything 80’s, I looked at poster designs to assess the style used. I found the same colours across almost everything. Lots of neon pinks, purples and blue which gave them a nice bright, appealing hue about them. The fonts used were simple and the style was all about telling a story with a grainy worn texture about them.


I came up with two concepts for Project Mirifico.


In the first concept I wanted to create the look of a tron, 80’s style world. I included lots of grids and neon colours to match the strapline, “Some Things Can Last Forever”. I wanted to create the illusion that it was never ending.


In the second concept a person is trying to overcome the challenges they’re facing with their city behind them. It is as though they are part of one big game.


I enjoyed working on Project Mirifico and it was nice to work on real concept work, where I got the freedom to create anything I wanted. I spent a lot of time researching previous 80’s designs as I wanted to get the look and feel of the design right.

Project Mifico – the designs

Image of project mirifico, an 80's themed concept for an album cover design
Image of project mirifico, an 80's themed concept for an album cover design

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