What has the Rio 2016 Olympics taught us? 

Image of Rio 2016 Olympics

Even making it to the Rio 2016 Olympics in the first place is an amazing achievement in itself.

So what has the Rio 2016 Olympics taught us? More importantly, the athletes themselves. Throughout the Rio 2016 Olympics they’ve shown true grit, dedication and class all at once. They’ve trained the last 4 years to be at this one event… Now that is dedication.

They’ve worked hard and been strict on themselves, all in the hope they’ll get that iconic gold medal! Or even just a medal. I can imagine that has been their ultimate goal – to get the gold. It’s been their vision. I am sure silver and bronze would still suffice nonetheless.

If we apply the same dedication, time and effort to our businesses, where would we be in 4 years time? Have you thought about it? What would be your ‘ultimate’ goal? What is gold for you?

Some athletes will have developed an injury during the Olympics. Some may not have beaten their PB. Some may have won a medal, but it’s not necessarily the one they had hoped for. Some may have just had a bad day. That’s okay though. They worked hard and did their best. It’s not something you can control. Just showing up and taking part is the main thing.

As business owners, we show up and work on and in our businesses every day. The hours are long and can be gruelling, but the end goal will be worth it, especially when you achieve it. And just like the Rio 2016 Olympics, you may become ill. Or you’ll not reach your goal in the intended time – but that’s okay. Or you’ll just have a bad day. Everyone has them. You still worked towards it and just like the athletes, put the time, effort and dedication into it. I think you deserve a pat on the back, at the very least.

A 4 year goal for a small business can be scary. It could even be difficult to set a 4 year goal. But just think of all the amazing things you could achieve in 4 years! Just think about it… Think about your business vision too.

A more manageable way is to make it smaller. Make it a goal for a years time, 6 months time or even 3 months time. Smaller more focussed goals can help you work towards your gold!

I would love to hear what your business goals and vision are.

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