The Blogging Workshop

You may be keen to write about your lifestyle and hobbies or want to keep it business related. Try publishing your thoughts online, on a blog.

Why should you blog? Run your own business and want more brand awareness, blogging is an effective tool. You could help others who have the same hobbies and interests as you.

Blogging resources

There are three main resources when it comes to blogging; Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. All have their own advantages, but the easiest one to use is WordPress. If you need ideas on what to blog about, why not look for inspiration online. There are some free tools to use, such as Feedly, Reddit and Google+ What’s Hot. You can watch live UK Google searches to see what’s currently trending.

To start blogging about your life and business, look online at different blogging platforms. Choose the one that suits you the best, which you feel most comfortable with and away you go. Always remember to share blog posts through communication channels, such as twitter and Facebook. Happy blogging!

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