The Perfect Time to Rebrand Thoughts of You Flowers

An email dropped into my inbox from Amy in the middle of May saying it was the perfect time to rebrand Thoughts of You Flowers.


Amy had just agreed to move to new premises and in light of that, decided it was time to change the overall look and feel of her wedding floristry business. “I wanted to rebrand Thoughts of You Flowers to reflect our values, our tastes, morals, and the work we create as well as reflecting our ideal clients tastes. Our previous logo no longer reflected our work, values, tastes or our clients or ideal clients tastes. In fact looking back I don’t think it ever really did!”


Amy was really clear on what she needed as part of the rebrand and had a list of items she wanted to be redesigned. She also had a Pinterest board with ideas of the types of colours and flowers she’d like to be used within the new logo design. As soon as I saw Amy’s vision I instantly got excited about the logo design and everything else! I suggested we meet up as nothing beats a face to face meeting. I met up with Amy and Allison to discuss what they really wanted for their new logo design and branding materials.


Even though Amy was moving into her new premises in September and we had plenty of time to look at redesigning everything, I just had to start working on it straightaway and embrace the inspiration and ideas I had for the designs. “Within a few days of meeting up Hollie had started on some rough designs… A few weeks later I emailed Hollie with the news that our premises move had moved forward by six months meaning all the design work needed to be done in a short timescale. Luckily, Hollie was able to oblige and just as excited about the whole thing as I was!”


Logo Design
With the move to new premises now imminent, I had to make sure the designs were turned around in plenty of time. After sending Amy the initial logo design ideas, she realised she was after something I bit more bold and even more floral so after some tweaks to the layout, colours and fonts we found the ‘one’. “With every email I think me and Hollie both fell more and more in love with the logo and got more and more excited about the end result.”


Rebrand Thoughts of You Flowers - Logo design and branding materials


With the chosen logo, it was time to look at the design for the business card, leaflet, order form and letterhead. I am always saying that having a consistent brand style for your business through everything you do online and offline is key. Amy knew this and knew she wanted everything to match. I came up with the idea of creating a border with the flowers to add to the outside of the designs. I told Amy I had an idea, ran with it and it just looked amazing and Amy agreed! We were both so excited about everything and how it was looking!


Additional Designs
Throughout the rebrand of Thoughts of You Flowers, Amy also asked me to work on a few other designs too which are unique to her business. She asked me to redesign an instruction card and two square cards. They both add a personal touch to what she does so I wanted to ensure the designs for them were perfect. “All the way through I felt Hollie gave me this personal touch too! From the first email I really did know she was the designer for me, even when I was a nightmare changing loads of things several times, she was patient and professional giving her opinion when I asked for it and giving me several ideas but never telling me what to choose.”


Van Design
Amy also asked me to design the new vehicle graphics for her Peugeot Partner van and I was over the moon that she’d asked me to do some additional designs. I couldn’t get enough of the logo and brand style I’d created for her. So I of course said yes!


Here’s what Amy had to say about the van. “The logo and floral designs on the van are amazing! It is the same logo and floral designs used on all of the small scale print items, but seeing them on a larger scale makes them look even more beautiful! We are regularly getting compliments on the van design, even getting stopped in the street by strangers to talk about how lovely the van is and hearing men (and women) talking about how gorgeous ‘that is’ and seeing them point to our van. This all makes us feel so proud and honoured to have such a beautiful van! It really is the most gorgeous white van I have ever seen!


When I first contacted Hollie I gave her a list of words that I wanted to be associated with our brand
Friendly • Weddingy • Beautiful • Relaxed • Organic • Professional • Natural • Whimsical • Unique • Pretty • Coastal


I think by looking at all of the designs Hollie has created she has ticked every word off that list! The designs are far better than I ever thought they would be. I can’t put into words how happy I am with Hollie’s work, the amazing value for money, the outstanding service I have received and the total amount of trust I have always had in Hollie, she really did just ‘get me’. All of this has really helped Hollie build our brand and really bring our brand to life.


I couldn’t recommend Hollie highly enough but I won’t be using her services again in a hurry as I totally and utterly adore the logo and branding designs she has created for me so unless I can think of anything else I need or want to be designed I will not be needing any future design work done. I will be one of Hollie’s many many happy customers and will forever be a brand ambassador for her. She is already aware of this, so I think she might just have her tissues at the ready!!”

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