Only Three Months To Go

Only three months to go until it's Christmas!As I write this, there’s only three months to go until it’s Christmas! Can you believe it?

It’s also three months until it’s the end of 2016 and we enter 2017 with anticipation for the future. So what have you got planned in the lead up to Christmas? This time of year can be the most fruitful for some businesses. Everyone is frantically looking for Christmas presents for friends, family and loved ones. So how are you going to make your business stand out?


Have you got new products or services to launch? Do you have a specific product or service for Christmas? If you do, have you started marketing them yet? Now is the time to start thinking about it. It’s time to get prepared.

It’s all about planning it from the start to the end. Work backwards if you have to, but be sure to plan it out.

A lot of people like to buy online now for Christmas. It’s easier, convenient and they can shop whilst in their pyjama’s sipping a large glass of wine. What’s not to like about that.


Are you visible?
The question is – where can they find you? Do they know you exist? Do they know how to find you? Do you have a website or an Etsy account? Or are you just on Facebook and other social media channels? How are you going to get your business out in front of them?

If you have a shop or premises, have you thought about holding a Christmas Preview Evening? You could offer a discount for that night only! If you use Facebook for your business, have you thought about hosting an online market night?

If you have a website – are you sending people to specific pages on your website, or just to the general shop page? Look at being specific – who do you want to target, and what would they want to buy and who for?


How can you market yourself without ‘selling’ all the time?
The last thing you want to do though is sell, sell, sell! That may put people off! They want to be able to connect with you and your business and feel like they’re a part of it! They want to resonate with you too… so what else can you do in among your sales posts? Could you post humorous things about Christmas? Could you post inspirational quotes? If you’re targeting Mum’s, could you post about things to do over the Christmas break? Ones where all the family can get involved? Think about what your target audience wants to see. Step into their shoes.

There is so much to think about when it comes to this time of year, but preparation really is key. If you are attending Christmas Fairs, could you pack up and go tomorrow with everything ready?


Feeling lost? 
If you’re feeling lost with only three months to go and you’re not sure where to begin, why not get in touch. We can meet up for a chat and a cuppa and get clear on what you need to do to get ready! Drop me an email: 

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