Time For An Update?

We’re almost halfway through December, which means we’re not far off entering the new year, 2014.

New Year typically means thinking and setting New Years Resolutions personally and in business too… so if one of your resolutions is to improve the marketing of your business, what are you going to put in place to ensure you do that?

Is it time for an update? 

Maybe it’s time to assess your company’s image ready to launch in 2014 – the perfect time – to enter the new year with a new corporate image together with a strong firm marketing plan.

Branding is extremely important and it’s valuable to you and your business, I can’t say this enough.

Marks and Spencers started out as a Penny Bazaar, however as they’ve grown and become a stronger market leader in their industry, so has their logo and overall brand.

In 2007 Marks & Spencers were rebranded by Crave in London to ‘Your M&S’ to help boost their company profile further and are still using the same logo now. It was a simple transition, but refreshed the brand completely by using a cleaner and more sophisticated typeface along with two simple colours – black and lime green.

Do you think it’s time you gave your company brand a refresh ready to launch in 2014?

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