Top Tips on Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is key when it comes to running a business.

And in this blog I am going to share with you some of my top tips on brand consistency. 


A lot of business owners who I speak to when they first come to me for help, say their brand doesn’t have that uniform look about it… When it comes to your brand, it needs to look uniform and consistent. If every piece of branding material you put out to your audience looked completely different, you’d lose recognition of your brand.


I’ve worked with a few of my clients now for over 3+ years and the main aim with their branding work is… you guessed it, consistency.


So, here are my top tips on brand consistency and how you can achieve it:


1. Colours
Make sure you’re using the same colours throughout all your branding, whether this is online or offline. You can even add some complimentary colours, which splash through your branding every now and again, but do make sure they’re the same colours each time too.


2. Fonts
My advice would be to stick to two or maximum 3 fonts for your brand. Make sure all the fonts compliment each other, and you again use the same ones throughout everything you do. Now I know with the likes of using Canva if you have a small budget so need to make your own graphics, you can be limited to which fonts you use. In that instance, I would use a font as close to yours as possible, but use that same font throughout all your graphics going forward.


3. Photography
This is another great way of making your brand consistent. Using professional photos would most certainly make you stand out more and depending on what your business is, sometimes the photography can do all the selling for you. Again, depending on your budget, there are free stock websites out there online, but with these, keep a consistent look again with them. Make sure the same colours are running throughout the photos and they have the same tone too.


4. Brand Message
This needs to be clear, concise and using the right words in order to resonate with your target audience. Step into their shoes and think about the messages they would like to hear from you and in a language that’s not going to be heavily populated with your own industry terminology, but with colloquial phrases that will appeal. Your brand message should be true to your brand and voice.


5. Brand Voice
In other words, this is the voice of your business and your brand. It needs to convey all your brand values and personality into this one voice. For example, are you hoping to be friendly and passionate? This needs to come out in your brand voice. Or do you aspire to be professional and knowledgeable? Again, this needs to be shown through your voice.


Please do get in touch if you feel as though your branding needs a little more consistency!

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