Twitter – 21 Successful Tips

Twitter is one element of social media not to ignore.

It’s a communication channel and if used correctly, can be very successful for you and your business. I first joined twitter on 22nd February, 2008 at 9:06 AM. That seems like such a long time ago now. And I’ve just found how to see what your first tweet was… Discover your first tweet here.

Here’s mine… Some things never change! What a tweet that was!

Image of first tweet ever made by Hollie Ellis from Twitter

About a month ago I sent out a survey so I could find out more about you, your business worries and what’s waking you up at 4 in the morning. Some of you said you were struggling with social media so, where better to ask for some successful twitter tips? On twitter of course! I asked, “What’s your most successful Twitter tip?”

Here are 21 very useful tips to use on Twitter to help you grow your reach and engagement:

1. Retweet and Favourite 
“Be polite and courteous. If someone is retweeting and favouriting your tweets, say thanks and retweet and favourite their tweets.” – via @ElliottPrint

2. Engage
“Engage, don’t sell. Ask a question, post a riddle, share a secret but DON’T post adverts.” – via @ACBirnie

3. “Be yourself” – via @NigelLowderPhot
“Show your human side – your real personality.” – via @AlkamyUk

4. Be genuine
“Genuinely interact, don’t automate.” – via @AnitaNicholson

5. Make sure you have a bio! 
“A good bio sells.”- via @lktdesign_ltd

6. Talk, don’t sell
“Talk, don’t sell – spend time to engage, not just broadcast.” – via @RichardCarter

7. Don’t just retweet
“Don’t just retweet, write via (@twittername) so they notice and fave or retweet to their followers.” – via @BarryForshawPho

8. Get to know your followers
“My advice would be to not always self-promote. Take the time to get to know your followers and take interest in their product.” – via @SewAmazing2013

9. Don’t be a twit
“Don’t be afraid to post something humorous. People won’t think you’re a twit.” – via @ElliottPrint

10. Have a sense of humour 
“Don’t be afraid of fun – we all like to laugh and showing your sense of humour usually gets a good reaction.” – via @AlkamyUk

11. Images and Videos
“Use images or videos to grab attention, links struggle and get lost in the feed.” – via @XtraORDPhoto

12. Vary your content
“Vary your content. Business posts are fine but people get fed up of reading about just one thing, it makes you come across as robotic so it’s harder to engage. Mix business with pleasure!” – via @StoneCBakery

13. Say something useful. 
“Say something useful, constructive and interesting! There’s far too much guff!” – via @shaun_gomm

14. Hashtag Hours
“Use ones relevant to your business. It could be location based or service based, for example #northeasthour or #graphicdesign.” – via @ellishollie

15. Everyone loves a dog or cat photo
“And photos of dogs and cats – it’s what the internet was really built for.” – via @AlkamyUk

16. Return a follow
“Be courteous and follow people back.” – via @ellishollie

17. Lists
“Create lists so it’s easier to see who you are following. If you have a lot of clients on twitter, add them to a list so you can easily find them. Alternatively, look at the lists you have been added to and subscribe to the ones you’re interested in.” – via @ellishollie

18. Engaging content
“Use images and engaging content as you would on any other social media platform but network to your hearts content. Oh and create lists so you can streamline who you are following.” – via @chappellms

19. Be relevant
“Make sure your content is relevant to your audience.” – via @ElliottPrint

20. Ask!
“Ask opinions and questions – that invites interaction.” – via @AlkamyUk

21. Look at your analytics. 
“Sign up to Twitter analytics. See which of your tweets gets the most engagement, what the best time of day is to post and more.” – via @ellishollie


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