Why use a Graphic Designer?

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Why use a Graphic Designer? Being a business owner can be tough.

Especially when it’s just you and you want to try and keep your overheads down. Even when your business grows, this can still be at the forefront of your mind. There will be a time when you may have to consider outsourcing some tasks to save you time. This means you’ll be able to concentrate on your business and grow it in the right direction.




There are many reasons why you should use a Graphic Designer. Here is a list of the more important ones:


Saves Time
Give a design brief to your chosen Graphic Designer and you’ll save so much time. Instead of trying to do it yourself, they’ll have it done for you within a couple of hours. It’s as simple as that. Meanwhile you can concentrate on developing your business further. Your design requirements are in safe hands.


Saves Money
There is the initial cost of using a Graphic Designer. But, think about it if you had done it yourself? How much money would you have lost out on, not operating when you could have been? And how much time would you save too? What could you work on instead?


Branding should be consistent for all businesses. This means the colours and fonts used, look and feel and the brand voice should all be consistent. Graphic Designers can sort this for you. They can manage your brand to ensure the next design fits in and looks right.


Graphic Designers have expertise in what they’re doing. Some specialise in certain areas of graphic designs. Whereas some can dabble in all areas of graphic design. If you do consider working with a Graphic Designer, make sue they’re the right fit for you. Have a look through their portfolio and see what they’re previous work looks like.


Think Pattern
Studying Graphic Design at college/university, you’re taught to think a different way. It’s sounds so cliche, but we really do have to think outside the box. I have been designing for 10 years now and love coming up with new ideas for clients.


Return on Investment
The last, but most important reason of all. Return on investment. If your designer can give proven results to doing design work for you, then why wouldn’t you use them. “On average, for every £1 businesses invested in design, they gained over £4 net operating profit, over £20 net turnover and over £5 net exports.” (Design Council).


If you feel as though you could outsource tasks to a Graphic Designer, then please do get in touch.

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