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When it comes to your business, your ‘brand voice’ needs to come through crystal clear. 

I had a meeting with a new client of mine last week and it got me thinking. As I sat listening to Kathryn tell me about what she does and her business goals, I discovered she had an amazing sense of humour. She was quirky, elegant and entertaining.

Every piece of content you publish needs to have a brand ‘ voice’. This is the soul of your business. So for Kathryn, her brands voice needs to be just that – quirky, elegant and entertaining.

For example, a solicitors firm wants to appear professional and knowledgeable. Every piece of communication published albeit online or offline needs to exude these qualities. Your brand voice doesn’t just stop at the door either. Educate your employees in your brand voice. Make sure they are portraying the exact same qualities to ensure consistency.

Image of your brand voice

If you have specific industry terminology, make sure your content simplifies your message. Your target audience needs to understand everything you’re saying.



Think about the tone of your voice too. Is it upbeat and happy, or is it professional and helpful.

I recently ordered some make-up from Estee Lauder and the products arrived last week. The packaging is breathtaking. It exudes, elegance and sophistication – exactly the right ‘voice’ for them. And because of that, it’s making me want to return again in the future.

Setting the right brand voice and tone for your business is important. It’s what people want to connect with and relate to.

If you feel as though your brand voice has lost its identity, or you’re not sure of what your brand voice should be, let me know and we can go from there.

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