Brand Consistency – Is your brand consistent?

Brand consistency is a key factor when it comes to showing your brand to the outside world.

If there’s no consistency in your branding, you’re giving out the wrong impression. Your brand and business needs to be professional. Brand consistency means using the same colours and fonts each time. Every piece of branding online and offline should have a uniform look.

Brand consistency is such a key factor for every business. As soon as your target audience sees your company branding, they should know it’s you. Consistency means recognisability. This also all ties in with your brand voice. The ‘look’ of your brand and the ‘voice’ of your brand should compliment each other and match.

In the example below you’ll see an example of brand consistency. This is a range of different designs. Look at the colours and fonts. They’re all for different things; social media graphics, leaflet designs and more. But they’re all consistent, yes?

Image of brand consistency

Now here’s a little exercise for you. Pick up your business card, a letterhead and open up your Facebook page or twitter account. Grab the most recent leaflet you’ve had printed and lay them out on your desk. Do the colours and fonts match? If you cover your logo with your hand, do all the pieces look similar? Are they consistent? If you answer no, then you need to make your brand consistency a priority.

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